Movement, an orchestra at it’s best

I have been immensely inspired by my experience with clients and the reflections brought up by watching Ivaldo Bertazzo’s videos.

His movement school in Brazil is a temple for me, and for years I have been studying his method.

My latest understanding is that of the sequence of events that result in good physiological movement.

The positioning of the head is essential since the eyes are the first structure of the human body responsible for judging the space, while the neural system plans a sequence of movements.

Movement itself occurs as a result of muscular action propelling the bodily mass.

The body then draws a trajectory in space, dislocating it’s volume, suffering the effects of gravity.

The last stages of this chain of events is the switching on of the muscular breaks, decelerating the movement, before the body comes to rest in a new position.

A fine gesture requires one to be capable of predicting distances, anticipating balance responses and adjusting muscular tonus. This fine tuning is comparable with that of an orchestra at it’s best.