The body is the materialisation of our experiences,  influenced by our environment, and reflecting our beliefs and emotions.

It is the result of a network of physiological responses in a refined relationship that resembles that of an orchestra.

Meet Fabiola

My “body” journey started early as I required treatment for scoliosis, which sparked both my curiosity and exposure to all things wellness and movement.

Two decades as a body therapist have seen me through a number of massage courses, as well as physiotherapy degree in Brazil.  I often resort to reflexology as a therapeutic tool.

Muscular Chains edified my knowledge about the relationship between the muscles that work together and support each other.

Bertazzo’s Method offers me inspiration everyday.

Diplomas on psychosomatic studies (Morphoanalysis) define my frame of work. I provide a confidential, pleasant and stimulating environment.

My treatments tailored individually, combining diverse massage techniques together with a variety of stimuli to promote body awareness through movement.

dd The objective is relaxation in strengthening, injury prevention and treatment, as well as postural improvement, alignment and awareness.

The sessions I offer provide a long-lasting effect and encourage self-management, understanding and independence.

I am a qualified physiothrapist and pilates instructor.  Alongside Tania Huddart (Hearts and Bones Pilates), I created the movement laboratory, investigating treatment approaches.  In 2014 I have written and ministered a workshop named Walking with Gravity.

I was the guest speaker at Hearts and Bones Pilates Conference in 2013, where I shared my knowledge on the GDS Muscular Chains.

I am a Bertazzo practitioner. I prioritise the correct joint function and range of movement to provide a safe and effective workout.

I recently took part in a Visceral Osteopathy course by Bernard Valentin from G.D.S Institute in Belgium.

Last October I taught a workshop named Posture in Daily Life at Kapiti’s Hot Yoga Studio.


Fabiola’s Resume

  • 1993 graduated in Social Communications
  • 1994 started studying different massage techniques, among which Therapeutic Massage, Shiatsu and Reflexology;
  • 1995-1997 undergoes the formation on Terapia Morfoanalitica developed by Physiotherapist/psychologist Serge Peyrot;
  • 1995 to present time deepens her understanding of Muscular Chains, technique developed by Godelieve Dennis-Struif (physiotherapist and osteopath) in Belgium/France;
  • 1998-2001 Bachelor degree at UNIP University of Physiotherapy in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Her graduation dissertation is about Physiotherapy as a path to natural birth;
  •     Fabiola Haru emigrated from Brazil in 2002 and since then, has practised for a number of years before giving birth to her daughter, Nina Maria.
  • During 2012 and 2013 Fabiola developed the Movement Laboratory with Tania Huddart.  A space for exploration and Movement investigation;
  • In 2013 Fabiola is invited to be the Guest Speaker at Hearts and Bones Pilates Conference
  • In 2013 Fabiola Ministered the workshop Walking with Gravity
  • in 2015 qualified as pilates instructor
  • Fabiola Haru’s other interests are music, dance, pilates, yoga and outdoors.
  • In 2020 participated in the course of Visceral Osteopathy with Bernard Valentin
  • in 2022 and 2015 Fabiola took part in Bertazzo Method qualification.