Massage in the Time of Covid

When I was 14 years of age, my Japanese Grandfather taught me how to massage DO-IN points on the forearm.  Little did I know, it was the beginning of my life time journey as a Movement and Massage Therapist.

Today, after more than three decades, I love to offer massages.  For me, it is the instance when the world goes quiet as thoughts slip from my mind.  My hands see, hear and feel as I respectfully untangle a web of muscular tension.

I fall back on the anatomy and physiology knowledge acquired at University in order to provoke healthy responses in joints and internal organs.  In order to break up knots and lumps, I might use pressure or heat, but that is not enough.

I receive massages myself and they often fall short of my expectations because squeezing a muscle that is suffering in knots is not therapeutic, in my opinion.

Thankfully, I have learned many massage techniques along the years and the pathway differs in each case.  I like to contemplate stretching the length of that muscle from origin to insertion.  Or I might realise traction and check the correct positioning of the joints nearby.  I treat the muscles that are next to the knotted one in their respective muscular chain, giving the tension an exit portal.

I observe the postural tendencies that particular person displays, for example: are the shoulders slumped or the curves in the spine exacerbated? I look for justifications for the tension in relationships with not only the synergic, but also the antagonist muscles.

I reflect upon the pathways of Chinese Medicine meridians and check if that knot could be a manifestation of an ailment that is internal, perhaps affecting an organ like stomach/liver for example.  And I am most grateful for Reflexology techniques that will permit me to assist those imbalances by pressure on the feet, hands and ears.

I rigorously select the best organic essential oils, balms and creams.  I regularly meditate and practice Reiki when touching a client.  More than flesh, the body that is being massaged is shaped by its history, traumas and beliefs.  The skin is a human being’s vastest organ, and it carries one’s first memories of contact. Truthfully, the lighter the touch, the deeper its’ reach. That is why offering massages is a precious experience that requires respect, knowledge and a quiet mind.

I love “going to work”.  I take pride in providing a welcoming, bright, clean, private and safe environment for my clients.  It is my sacred space to share and look after people, my mission in this life.

It is impossible to massage and observe the physical distancing recommended by The Ministry of Health and Jacinda Ardern.  It is with great anticipation that I will await the return of Level 1.

During level 2 I will still offer Movement Therapy sessions, with the appropriate PPE if required.

I also ask that if you have been out of Wellington, and/or unwell please let me know so we can re-schedule your session for when it is safe to do so.

Please take your shoes off when entering the studio, use the sanitisers provided and scan the contact tracing bar code displayed at the entrance.

Thank you!