Brushing Pelvic Girdle

This is a short video exemplifying the brushing of the legs.

Brushing of the lower limbs starts on the pelvis. Before you start check out your sensations and ranges of motion.

Starting on base of the spine, do vertical strokes down the sacrum, encouraging the posterior muscular chain to “anchor” the body down the ground. Then brush from the border of the sacrum out to the sides of gluteus maximus.

Position a foot up on a stool.Position the head of your metatarsal bones on the stool, leaving the calcaneus to hang down, as to stretch the calf muscle. Make sure the supporting limb is aligned and that the weight falls into the axis of the femur and tibia. Look out for hyper-extention of the knee and other deviations (ie: keep calcaneus and head of the femur on the same plane). On the leg that is up on the stool: brush from the border of the sacrum, brush down the gluteal muscle and the piriformis and pyramidal, to the trochanter.

Repeat a few times. “Dig” in with the brush on the isquial tuberosity. Then brush down the back of your thigh all the way to the knee. Brush the popliteal area and follow down the calf muscle all the way to the foot. The stroke should go past the calcaneus and the intention should be of lengthening the Achilles tendon, as well as gastrocnemius and soleus. Keeping the toes on the stool, brush the front of the foot up. Brush up the front of the ankle.

Follow tibial anterior with upward stroke. In the front of your knee brush a figure V from the tibia up. Follow the path of Sartorius muscle up to the ASIS. Brush the quadriceps muscle up with upward strokes To finish brush the I.T. Band up and down vigorously. Compare the sensations.