Brushing Muscular Chains

This brushing technique means to enhance the cooperation between agonist and antagonist muscles.

The use of stiff bristles aim to comb the muscular fibres.

The strokes, following the orientation from the origin to the insertion of the muscle, will facilitate the passage of tension, leading to a more efficient movement pattern.

This is not a lymphatic drainage technique even though it will certainly aid the flow of extra cellular fluid.

Secondary benefits of the muscular brushing are:

  • Drainage of toxins present in the tissues,
  • Encourage renewal of cells removing dead cells and envigorating the skin;
  • Increased proprioception;
  • Decrease the deposit of fatty tissue in the inter-cellular space;

It is essential to follow the proposed direction of the strokes.

The brushing should be strong to imprint the correct memory of the movement pattern.