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For Valeria

For Valeria It pays dividends to organize the muscles on the face and the front of the neck. The cervical spine benefits immensely.Valeria is a true picture of how the brushing technique on the head and face keep the face fresh and wrinkle-less. Well done Valeria: Now...

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Walking with gravity

Walking with gravity  Mass and Gravity Planets orbit around the sun in response to gravity, their mass determining a trajectory in space, an elliptical spiralling action triggered around a central axis. On Earth, the observation of a body organizing itself in...

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Muscular Chains

Muscular Chains Stretching your arm to reach for a cup of tea requires the engagement of a series of muscles.  In physiological circumstances, muscles act in a cooperative manner.The concept of Muscular Chains developed by Mme. Godelieve Denys-Struif (GDS) has...

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Movement, an orchestra at it’s best

Movement, an orchestra at it's best I have been immensely inspired by my experience with clients and the reflections brought up by watching Ivaldo Bertazzo’s videos.His movement school in Brazil is a temple for me, and for years I have been studying his method. My...

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Brushing Shoulder Girdle

Brushing Shoulder Girdle This is a short video to exemplify the brushing.This technique is fundamental in imprinting a good line of traction to the muscular fibers.  It refines the agonist/antagonist relationship at the same time that it encourages metabolism and...

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