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What is the just amount of strength that defines fitness?

Segmentar strengthening has resulted in an array of sculptural muscles in many sport athletes and fit people.  It is dangerous territory when coupled with modern day office living.  The musculo skeletal system is often subjected to mal alignement of the cranium, anteriorization of the head, low proprioception and diminished reflexive responses.

Biological strength serves a purpose.  It the result of solid anchor in the great muscular chain complex.  Furthermore, strength exists within the context of gravity forces, easily adapting to sudden changes.

Time and again I have witnessed excessive tonus (eg: quadricep/pectoralis etc) and no actual strength or proper function or joint coaptation.

When that happens it is worth unloading the activities from excessive weight and following these steps:

– unclog neuromuscular paths through efficient stimuli;

– encourage proprioception;

– revisit developmental postures of human motor development;

– explore different planes of gravity incidence;

– refer back to the movement repertoire of the individual and evaluate the implications of this experience.

Unfortunately there is no such thing as a “treatment recipe” for all individuals.

In this process the movement therapist sides with the client, offering resourcefulness and empathy.

The client is an active participant and learns about him/herself with curiousness, compassion and patience.