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These are challenging times.  Mindfulness and meditation can help.  Further more, when mindfulness and meditation become part of our routine, a state of happiness and contentment is possible in spite of the challenges.

Meditating daily can be a daunting prospect.  Our mind is so predominant that it is difficult to have it “shut up” even for short periods of time.

However, we are not only made of thoughts!  A balanced existence requires equal amounts of healthy emotions and connection to intuition and the environment.

Since I am no expert, I can only share my own experience.

Guided visualisations are my go to place when I fail to achieve a quiet mind and meditate. Watch out for my next post when I will expand on this.

For now, let’s start by breathing.

Waking up from anaesthesia and seeing my “mutilated” body after surgery brought on severe panic attacks.  I had heard about panic attacks, I had even seen people suffer them, but the reality of experiencing one first hand was overwhelming.

That is when breathing came to my rescue.

Breathing roots us on the present moment. 

Breathing Practice

Feel the temperature of the air as it moves into your nostrils and fills your lungs.

Feel the lungs expanding the ribcage around it swell. 

Feel the rise and fall of your chest.

Feel the lungs empty the warmer air up the bronchial tubes and exhale slowly though pursed lips.

Feel the passage of the air out of your body though your lips.

Compare with the sensation of the next inhalation when the cooler air passes your nostrils.

Repeat a few times.  Hear the noises in the room you are in.  Listen to the noises from the environment too, like birds and wind.

If thoughts come to your mind, push them away in a bubble of air that you exhale.  Feel the thoughts lifting away while you breath.