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I am grateful for NZ’s health system. I am just over half way through my chemo and no stone is being left unturned to investigate my chest pains.

Meanwhile I choose to have the weekly chemotherapy infusions.  I go to get healed at the Day Cancer Clinic at Wellington hospital.  I visualise my veins opening up to the needles, allowing them in with no trauma. I see the golden healing medicine going through my body and reaching my cells and making them better.  All my systems cooperate with the medicine, filtering my blood, enhancing it, and clearing any residue that is harmful.

I manage the side effects of chemotherapy with a combination of complementary medicines. I will start by discussing Acupuncture.


Christopher and I had a number of IVF treatments, but it is thanks to Chinese Medicine that we conceived our daughter naturally. We both had acupuncture and herbs, et voilá! I have since been a believer!

I am also grateful to Coco Acupuncture Woman,whom I see weekly for acupuncture. And I am glad to say this: Chemo and all, I don’t feel too bad!

And I am excited to learn about Chinese Medicine to self apply Moxa.

Moxibustion is a form of heat therapy that consists of burning the dried leaf on or above specific points on the body. This herb is known as mugwort, moxa, or Aì yè in Chinese medicine.

It stimulates circulation and lymphatic flow. It also helps to smooth the flow of Qi and blood and expel pathogenic influences. The scent of moxa is very distinct, a therapeutic and relaxing aroma.

The Moxa protocole I use I found in a published scientific study that proved the efficacy of stimulating acupuncture points in chemo side-effect management:

I also use aromatherapy on the acupressure of my Mu Points to shift the energy in the meridians/organs. For example, I apply German Chamomile to my L1 liver point.

To boost my “chi” when I am feeling cold, Qi Gong:

I am happy to discuss further these treatments. Send me an email and I will endeavour to respond promptly.

I recommend you see a qualified practitioner to make sure the acupuncture works with the chemo, rather than undermining it. I highly rate Coco, The acupuncture Woman, who has been utterly generous in sharing her knowledge and experiences with me, and never seizes to hold me tenderly.