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Brushing Muscular Chains

Posted on Dec 9, 2014 in Articles

Brushing Muscular Chains This brushing technique means to enhance the cooperation between agonist and antagonist muscles. The use of stiff bristles aim to comb the muscular fibres. The strokes, following the orientation from the origin to the insertion of the muscle, will facilitate the passage of tension, leading to a more efficient movement pattern. This...

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Health from the inside

Posted on Oct 15, 2014 in Articles

I have recently caught up with Clo Mudrik in Sydney. Diagnosed with diabetes, Clo was driven to understand metabolism and nutrition. An artist and athlete herself, she puts the theories to test everyday. During my short stay – under her mothering care making me lunch packs! – I can say I felt focus, heaps of energy, slept like an angel and...

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Guy Ngan’s Budah in Kiwiana

Posted on Oct 13, 2014 in Articles

I have been privileged to get to know Guy Ngan through my Reflexology practice. He kindly opened the doors of his vast beautiful world to me and my family. Sipping tea or sharing delicious home cooked meals, Guy was kind to tell us tales of his travels. He is a cheeky and generous friend: He gave me permission to use a reproduction of his Budah em Kiwiana,...

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Brushing Pelvic Girdle

Posted on Sep 9, 2014 in Articles

IMG_0283 This is a short video exemplifying the brushing of the legs. Brushing of the lower limbs starts on the pelvis. Before you start check out your sensations and ranges of motion. Starting on base of the spine, do vertical strokes down the sacrum, encouraging the posterior muscular chain to “anchor” the body down the ground. Then brush from the border...

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For Valeria

Posted on Jul 2, 2014 in Articles

It pays dividends to organize the muscles on the face and the front of the neck. The cervical spine benefits immensely. Valeria is a true picture of how the brushing technique on the head and face keep the face fresh and wrinkle-less. Well done Valeria: Now have a look at this and keep at...

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