I believe that the body is the materialization of our experiences,  environment,  beliefs and emotions.

It is also the product of a network of physiological responses in a refined relationship that resembles that of an orchestra.

My “body” journey started early as I required treatment for scoliosis, which sparked both my curiosity and exposure to all things wellness and movement.

Two decades as a body therapist have seen me through a number of massage courses, as well as physiotherapy degree in Brazil.  I often resort to reflexology as a therapeutic tool.

Muscular Chains edified my knowledge about the relationship between the muscles that work together and support each other.

Bertazzo’s Method offers me inspiration everyday.

Diplomas on psychosomatic studies (Morphoanalysis) define my frame of work. I provide a confidential, pleasant and stimulating environment.

My treatments tailored individually, combining diverse massage techniques together with a variety of stimuli to promote body awareness through movement.

The objective is relaxation in strengthening, injury prevention and treatment, as well as postural improvement, alignment and awareness.

The sessions I offer provide a long lasting effect and encourage self management, understanding and independence.

Along side Tania Huddart (Hearts and Bones Pilates), I created the movement laboratory, investigating treatment approaches.  In 2014 I have written and ministered a workshop named Walking with Gravity.

I was the guest speaker at Hearts and Bones Pilates Conference in 2013, where I shared my knowledge on the GDS Muscular Chains.

I apply the premises of Bertazzo Method to Pilates. I prioritise the correct joint function and range of movement to provide a safe and effective workout.

I have added the use of trampolines to the TRX weight resistance training.  That calls for balance responses that provide a fun cardio vascular workout.