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My treatments tailored individually, combining diverse massage techniques together with a variety of stimuli to promote body awareness through movement. The sessions I offer provide a long lasting effect and encourage self management, understanding and independence.


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W Seat

Posted on Aug 12 by

Children develop their muscular system as well as body awareness and balance through play, action and manipulation of objects.  Naturally, for short periods of time, siting in W position is not harmful.  However, when that becomes a preferred posture, or is often adopted, there are very serious consequences to the child’s development. When in W position, children enjoy an increase in the base of support. That results in a more stable static posture, retarding the development of normal balance and protection responses, as well as muscular control of the trunk. Children may choose to “W sit” simply because it is easier not to worry about balance while manipulating an object, however, this is also the preferred posture for children that suffer from neuro motor syndromes with distal hypotonia, like down syndrome and myelomeningocele.  “W seat” is detrimental to the development of trunk rotation abilities, lateral inclinations (involved in the action of reaching for an object) and weight transfer, as well as the pelvic and shoulder girdle dissociation.  These are imperative qualities to the normal motor development of children as well as their...


Yoga and Radiotherapy

Posted on Aug 8 by

I am at the end of 6 months of chemotherapy when I take up Yoga. Even though I have been to classes on and off, I hadn’t practiced in a while and chemo leaves me feeling extremely weak, exhausted and short of breath. By then I am also suffering from severe neuralgia and experiencing crippling muscle and joint pain, besides decreased immunity. For ten weeks, I practice a combination of Yin and Flow Yoga on a daily basis.  They help my movement’s fluidity and I note a reduction on chemo’s mialgias and arthralgias. During the classes, due to severe anaemia I take my time standing up so I will not pass out, but I am finally able to build up muscular mass again. Yoga’s attention to breathing helps freeing up my intercostal muscles, affected by the mastectomy.  It also provides calming and relaxation techniques for the radiation procedures, that can be very stressful. The meditative aspect of Yin yoga is also key in keeping my mind serene, aligning very much with my mediation practice. The radiation treatment starts.  ...


Baldness & Boldness

Posted on Apr 13 by

Chemotherapy is a preventive therapy to kill rogue cancer cells that may be hidden in my body.  Chemo kills cancerous fast growing cells as well as other fast growing cells, like hair, nails and skin, to name a few. Last Christmas I started loosing my hair.  My scalp was very painful and I was shedding clumps of hair at a time, which was emotionally draining. Shaving my head, with the help of my husband, restituted some of my control over my body and my reality.  It was a relief to the pain on the scalp as well as the emotional pain of being a victim of strong drugs in my system. A shaved head is, at the best of times, a cold experience.  With that there is the weight of cancer looming above my head.  I get looks of pity or solidarity and people who simply can not face me at all. The physical impact of cancer treatment is vastly discussed, but the emotional impact is equally challenging.  It takes a lot to be bald and bold, vulnerable in...


Managing Chemo

Posted on Apr 5 by

I am grateful for NZ’s health system. I am just over half way through my chemo and no stone is being left unturned to investigate my chest pains. Meanwhile I choose to have the weekly chemotherapy infusions.  I go to get healed at the Day Cancer Clinic at Wellington hospital.  I visualise my veins opening up to the needles, allowing them in with no trauma. I see the golden healing medicine going through my body and reaching my cells and making them better.  All my systems cooperate with the medicine, filtering my blood, enhancing it, and clearing any residue that is harmful. I manage the side effects of chemotherapy with a combination of complementary medicines. I will start by discussing Acupuncture. Acupuncture/Acupressure/Moxa Christopher and I had a number of IVF treatments, but it is thanks to Chinese Medicine that we conceived our daughter naturally. We both had acupuncture and herbs, et voilá! I have since been a believer! I am also grateful to Coco Acupuncture Woman,whom I see weekly for acupuncture. And I am glad to say this:...


A Quiet Mind

Posted on Mar 29 by

You don’t need to suffer from cancer to experience anxiety, tension, fatigue or depression.  In our society these feelings are very pertinent. When there is stress, it is the sympathetic nervous system that takes over in an attempt to “warrant our survival”.  Adrenaline and cortisol are released in a “fight and flight” mode, which can feel exhilarating in short bursts, but is not designed to last more than half an hour at the most. Beyond that, it becomes damaging in a celular level. There are very few real times in modern living, other than a true emergency, that we really need our sympathetic nervous system’s “fight or flight” responses, which our ancient hunter gatherer ancestors relied on for daily survival.  And yet most of us live on that “fight and flight response mode”, at the risk of our internal health. Further more, much of modern society’s endless anxiety is self created.  It is not necessary be in survival mode constantly. Meditation is the key to restore our genetic right to a quiet, focused, and peaceful mind, the only environment...



Posted on Mar 22 by

These are challenging times.  Mindfulness and meditation can help.  Further more, when mindfulness and meditation become part of our routine, a state of happiness and contentment is possible in spite of the challenges. Meditating daily can be a daunting prospect.  Our mind is so predominant that it is difficult to have it “shut up” even for short periods of time. However, we are not only made of thoughts!  A balanced existence requires equal amounts of healthy emotions and connection to intuition and the environment. Since I am no expert, I can only share my own experience. Guided visualisations are my go to place when I fail to achieve a quiet mind and meditate. Watch out for my next post when I will expand on this. For now, let’s start by breathing. Waking up from anaesthesia and seeing my “mutilated” body after surgery brought on severe panic attacks.  I had heard about panic attacks, I had even seen people suffer them, but the reality of experiencing one first hand was overwhelming. That is when breathing came to my rescue. Breathing...