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My treatments tailored individually, combining diverse massage techniques together with a variety of stimuli to promote body awareness through movement. The sessions I offer provide a long lasting effect and encourage self management, understanding and independence.


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Let’s get Moving!

Posted on May 14 by

Bubble sweet Bubble! Lock down has been an amazing experience. With family overseas it has been an emotional time as much as a time for growth and change, love and connection. For the past weeks, I have been busy participating in an immersion course in Ivaldo Bertazzo’s method. I can feel in my muscles and general disposition the benefits of such intense body work. I also very excited to share all the new tools I have acquired to offer better treatments. In qigong and meditation I found tools to remain calm and centred. I feel replenished I am currently implementing health and safety procedures to start opening up my business again. During level 2, from next week, I will be offering movement sessions only. Massages will restart during level 1. I look forward to hearing from you and seeing you in person for an elbow hug...


Bertazzo on Line

Posted on Apr 17 by

If you speak Portuguese, this is for you. Ivaldo Bertazzo is offering a package for online classes. You get to be at 4 classes per week, live on zoom conference. In New Zealand they take place 3 AM and 11 AM, alternate days Tue-Fri. In these dark and uncertain times, thanks to Bertazzo, I am truly inspired, I feel motivated. I simply feel better. It makes me excited to go to my movement studio soon. We are doing well in New Zealand, level 3 looks close. Until then, Ivaldo Bertazzo, Obrigada for your gifts. There is light in dark...


In the nest

Posted on Apr 9 by

In this time of unrest, we come to nest. It is the gift the pandemic has for us. It is time to heal and catch up with ourselves. It is time for contemplation and prayer, time for learning and reading. Time for connection, for music and silence. Self care has been an interesting task. But I am surprised to learn that I have developed skills and tools to look after myself. And I am fortunate to have access to information and resources. There are so many sources of inspiration available right now on line and free of charge. Here are a couple of them:...


Life Interrupted

Posted on Mar 22 by

Due to the COVID 19 we are facing many challenges. I started isolation with my husband and daughter in our Paremata residence. I will miss my work with clients as well as massaging! If you would like to keep in contact or try an online movement session from the comfort of our homes, please send me an email or a text message. I will update this page...


Having fun on Poles

Posted on Mar 12 by

People have a distorted perception that gait assisted with poles (nordic gait) is something derogatory to human biomechanics, or a sign of ageing. On the contrary, poles facilitate the transition of forces between the arms and the legs and reinstate quadruped strength, primal to humans. Furthermore, poles are an extension of the arms, functioning like dolphin fins for our inner fish. I have learned with Ivaldo Bertazzo that the suspension warranted from the use of poles lengthens the cervical spine and organises thoracic forces, permitting axial cranial extension. When going down hill, poles relieve pressure from the knees and the lumbar spine. The arms take on the function of protecting knees and lumbar disks. Up hills, using poles distribute the muscular tonus through the whole body. The arms have function and purpose, rather than simply “hanging by the sides”. The result is a sense of flotation and suspension of mass in space. Poles are also fun and facilitate/optimise locomotion. Watch this video until the end and you will see just that. I can’t wait to take my poles to...


2020 is on!

Posted on Jan 11 by

I feel strong, rested and peaceful to resume work. I carry the teachings of cancer treatment, not only about myself and my relationships, but also about care, compassion and healing. And I am excited to contemplate how these experiences will expand and improve my practice. I am happy to grow into a healthier life, which among other things, include reduced hours at work and increased nurturing time with loved ones. I am grateful for my illness and this journey. But I am most grateful for my family, friends and clients. Your support means the world to me. The online booking system is back live on my website. Or you can contact me personally to assist you in finding a suitable time for your session. Text is best and I endeavour to reply as soon as I am free. Please note the new pricing policy. I look forward to meeting you in person soon. Happy...