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My treatments tailored individually, combining diverse massage techniques together with a variety of stimuli to promote body awareness through movement. The sessions I offer provide a long lasting effect and encourage self management, understanding and independence.


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Warm and Sunny

Posted on Jun 4 by

I am excited to move my movement and massage practice to Yoga for The People. I just settled in a sunny warm room, where I spread all my toys! I offer not only massage and movement sessions, but also pilates reformer one on one classes. I had the loveliest welcome from Claire Massey. Thanks Claire! Hope to see you soon at the new premisses. Easy free parking too! Top of Tory Street Level 2, Yellow Building; Yoga for the People (Opposite The Warehouse) 133-139 Tory Street Wellington,...



Posted on Dec 24 by

The human spine has a natural curve in on the neck and the lower back areas, while the ribs determine a natural curve out in between the shoulder blades. Those are our natural lordosis and cifosis, respectively, and they determine good shoulder function as well as breathing and adequate posture/function. Scoliosis is the condition where the spine curves out the sides, determining an S shape or a C shape when observing the back of the body. It can be caused by early developmental conditions such as cerebral palsy or a limb length difference, but it can also be cause by repetitive strain (like playing tennis for example, or a musical instrument like the flute or violin). There are many different degrees of scoliosis, and mostly they are mild, but they can be so serious as to cause nerve compressions or lung and liver function problems. When treating scoliosis it is important to understand it’s cause and mitigate it’s factors. An important aspect should be focusing on breathing due to the joints between the ribs and the spine. It is also...



Posted on Sep 19 by

TRX is a weight resistance suspension training that utilizes gravity and movement. It creates neuromuscular responses that integrate strength and balance in a dynamic atitude. I have adapted the premise of TRX suspension fitness to another level. TRX extreme utilizes the mini trampolines to provide an extreme workout. Challenging, cardiovascular fun. Wednesdays 6:30 PM at Tiaki.  Bookings essential.  ...


Tune Me

Posted on Aug 15 by

Tune Me is a massage session that uses different techniques to finely tune the body. Hot stones, deep tissue and relaxing massage are combined with gentle stretches to provide a sense of well being. Originally designed for brass players, it targets the upper back, neck and arms, as well as legs and feet. But you don’t need to play brass to get tuned! I will create the best massage combo especially for you no matter what your gig is! For a limited time, book your 45 minutes of heaven for only 40 dollars!  ...



Posted on Jun 28 by

AGE WELL is a fun movement program for people of all ages. AGE WELL uses simple tools to provide stimuli, information and strategies so one can organize themselves against gravity and feel comfortable. Weekly classes promote alignment, functional strength and joint health. Groups are limited to 5 people per class. Youth group (Suitable for teenagers and school age) Tuesdays 4:15 PM All ages (suitable for everyone) Tuesdays 9 AM Over Sixties: Fridays 10:30 AM Benefits Improved posture Increased well being Good function and mobility Joint health More balance and proprioception Injury...


Keep on Moving!

Posted on Jun 26 by

From July onwards I will be moving my practice to Tiaki Pilates and Physiotherapy on level 1, 32 Kent Terrace. It is a short stroll from College Street, where I will have more room to spread my toys.  I am also building a devoted massage nest.  In a well ventilated and modern large space I will offer both individual and group movement classes. The possibilities are endless.I am extremely...